19 October 2011


Today I've stumbled upon an amazing website and I wish I knew about this much earlier because it's just brilliant. That's why I love to share this with you. Welcome Beyond Handpick Paradise is a website with truly amazing boutique hotels and B&B's. My earlier post about the B&B in Belgium is mentioned on this website too and they so deserve it!! Today I take you to a wonderful place up north west in Norway. I love this countries nature although I've never been there before. The Juvet Landscape hotel is a beauty surrounded by nature. The Norwegian owner Knut started this hotel in 1994 with help from the government he realised his dream hotel. The owner wants his guests to remember the hotel like this:

— Knut: “I would love our guests to have a feeling that this is a fantastic place, that they had been visiting friends and that they had a very, very nice time. And that I am sorry that they had to pay for it.”
Do I need to say more?

via: WelcomeBeyond

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