16 July 2009

Molori Safari Lodge

Today I came across another dream destination: The Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa. The word 'Molori' means 'to dream' and it truly captures the essence of the Molori Safari Lodge. This five-star suite retreat was opened for the public in 2007 and after a complete make over it transformed into the intimate local-chic lodge as it is today.
For more information visit: http://www.molori.comsource: Molori
images: Elsa Young


Tom said...

The Molori Lodge is a truly great place to stay if you want that authentic feel but also a little luxury as well. Click here for more South African Safari Lodges

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks Tom for your input! Highly appreciated. On the website of South African Lodges I saw some other gorgeous lodges. Will keep them in mind!!

Kind Regards,

Lise M.


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