23 May 2010

Guest Post: Global influences

Hello again, its Carole here of Dear Designer’s Blog. Lise has asked me to do another guest post for her while she is away on her holidays and of course how could I say no! It’s always a pleasure and I’m so flattered to be asked. Then the tricky bit – what to post. Lise said ‘some design inspiration’. Easy I thought. How hard can that be? Very hard, as it happens. Harder than writing a post for Dear Designer’s Blog! Then I started thinking of Lise in Japan and about how easy it is these days to get on a plane and fly to the other side of the earth. We can travel to all four corners and see for ourselves the differences in our cultures, our cuisines, our dress and customs. It’s very easy to bring back some of that ‘difference’ and infuse our own homes with touches of the exotic. Even if we can’t travel as much as we’d like ourselves, we can absorb all that richness via modern media and we can buy all the goodies the world has to offer via the internet or quite often on our own high street. So here’s some eye candy of interiors that owe more than a little to global influence…

(images via: Stuart Mcinstry, Elle Decor India, Kara Mann, Dogma Studio, Alidad, Kelly Hoppen, Suzy Hoodless.)


Carole said...

Thanks so much Lise for having me. It looks fabulous.
Hope you're having a wonderful time. xoxo

Charlotta Ward said...

Lovely post dear Carole! Lucky Lise to have a pro like you come in and do your magic. So true what you wrote and I love all your pictures.

xx Charlotta

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks Carole for your awesome guest post! It's such a great pleasure to have you around! I will be back soon to post about my trip and new ideas that I've came across on my travels in the Far East!


Lise M.

Splendid Willow said...

Fun post Carole! I love that white bed room! What a room!

And Ms. Urban Style Vibes - safe travels!

ox, Monika


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