25 May 2010

Guest post: Dine in richness

Hello everyone! As you all know Lise is globetrotting around Far East Asia and I am thrilled to fill in as today's guest poster. My name is Charlotta and I blog over at 'Space for Inspiration' -a blog that spans across my Swedish origin and my Sydney home, and everything in-between.

It is over 10 years since I moved to Sydney from London and I am in awe of the amazing island continent of Australia. From the tropical North to the rugged & mountainous South, to the dry & cured middle and the sweeping coast line & wide open planes of the West, there are enough things to see and experience to fill a life-time. As Australia sinks deeper into Autumn (on the brink of Winter) I thought I'd serve up a tasty little 'smörgåsbord' from one of my favourite Sydney restaurant - 'The Victoria Room' in Darlinghurst.
Once a warehouse, this opulent gem of a restaurant is a true experience and a must (!) for when you are in Sydney! I absolutely love this place!(ok, that may have been quite a few exclamation marks there, but I do really adore the VR!.. :)

Think rich colonial colours, lush textures and elegant eccentricity executed in an urban version of British-Raj style. Hand painted light bulbs (!!) and vintage lamp shades, large potted palm trees, gorgeous wood-bead drapes and superb carved panels work together to create a soft, intimate yet very modern & elegant experience. Though a breath of luscious BoHo comes through strongly there is nothing old or dusty about this place. All this rich fabulousness is balanced by top notch service, amazing food and stylish presentation... and don't even get me started on their cocktails & nibbles..

There is a lot of quirk and uniqueness about this place, and you might find yourself having a mind-blowing astrology reading with your desert whist sitting next to some of the local celebrities that regularly come in, I think a few even treat the Victoria Room as their 'dining room away from home'..!

If you don't fancy dinner, they also do fantastic 'High Tea' and recently launched a fab high tea book that I will post about over at my blog soon. I am off to have dinner at the 'V.R' next weekend - actually I am having a reading as well and I can't wait! OK lovelies, that is it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this little tour and that you have a chance to experience it for real next time you are in Sydney! Thanks Lise - I hope you are well and that you & your loved one are having a ball in Guam!  Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back!!
x Charlotta


Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for your awesome blog post Charlotta! I guess my next trip will go to Oz.


Lise M.

PS. By the way I am back home. Will blogpost tomorrow about my adventures in Japan and Guam.

Design Esquire said...

Great post! That restaurant looks amazing!! Christine

Charlotta Ward said...

Hey - a belated thanks for letting me guest blog here. Yes, now you have to come here next so that we can go to the Victoria Rooms and have tea!

x Charlotta

Splendid Willow said...

What a place Charlotta! And being a pieces, I would have done a reading - one and two and three times while wolfing down good food!

Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

ox, Mon

Carole said...

Wow, looks absolutely amazing!


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