13 May 2010

Urban Style Vibes* on vacation!

Urban Style Vibes* will be travelling until 26 May....We will visit 2 destinations: Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan and the island of Guam in Micronesia. We will be staying in Yokohama, the Pan Pacific Hotel and in the Hyatt Regency Guam. I'm so ready for take off! The last months have been soooo busy and I feel I'm really tired. While I'm on holiday  I will treat you with lovely guestposts. I have asked my blogger friends from Sydney, Stockholm and the UK to update you on travel style and design next week. And in the meantime lovely Kelly from Fabulous K will start the redesign of Urban Style Vibes* I'm looking forward to a lovely new design of Urban Style Vibes* 

PS. If you have any travel tips for Japan or Guam, please leave me a note on Twitter.


Carole said...

Have a great time Lise. I'm so jealous!!

Lydia said...

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