5 May 2010


Today we have a public holliday here in Holland because we celebrate the end of the second world war. I will go to the beach with my man this afternoon. I really need a touch with nature today. I live in a big city but once in a while I feel the urge to go out in nature. To inspire you I have collected a lovely Eco home for you.

Q. Do you know where this lovely home is located?

via: Coastal Living


urban flea said...

lovely, thanks so much for the comment as always, and after three days, there was no way in hell i was wearing 6 inchers again. and as for the cat picture, i'll post that tonight, just for you my dear.

xo urban flea

Ludmila {CreamyLife.com} said...

This home is STUNNING! The view is amazing, I wouldn't mind living there! Nice blog! xo, Ludmila

Frau Onk said...

Wow, what a house and what a view! I would give a fortune for something like that. Thanks for these great pictures.


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