18 May 2010

Guest post from Stockholm

Hi all my dutch and international friends! I'm Tiina, a friend of Lise's from Stockholm, and today very honored to be a guest here at Urban Style Vibes*!

As you know Lise knows good design, and today she has asked me to contribute with a Scandinavian style piece... My roots being in Finland I immediately thought of the beloved Marimekko designs. It's summer now, and Marimekko always puts me on summer cottage mode. But mostly these designs remind me of my childhood in the 70's with all the colorful retro patterns.

Beautiful setup with Unikko patterned plate { my favorite! } and other designs. I love this mix of colors. Isn't ceramics and roses in random vases just a divine thing? The ceramic mug with pretty dots is from a collection called Fokus. Pretty. The table cloth from collection Frekvenssi.
This is my most favorite at the moment. I love the fabric Keisarinna. I really love the bright pink flower pattern.
So very pretty chair. This fabric is called Kirsikka and was designed 2007.

Did you know that Unikko, one of the most { if not THE most } well known Marimekko designs was born in 1964? The founder's wife had announced that Marimekko will not make any flower prints, an announcement that didn't really appeal to Maija Isola who's the designer behind most of the best known patterns in the company's history. So she decided to create this beautiful design called Unikko. We salute her for that!
Kanteleen kutsu by Sanna Annukka in 2008. You know that Shanghai is hosting the World Expo this year, and Finland is represented by Marimekko among others? I think this pattern is very representative when it comes to Scandinavian style and design. It puts my mind to Kalevala, the Finnish and Karelian folklore from the 19th century. I used to live in Shanghai and would do just about anything to get there this summer...

More beautiful mugs from collections Unikko and HetkiƤ. Sweet morning coffee moments.


Design called Ruutukaava by Louekari from 2008. How do youy feel about the upholstered chair? I'm loving it!




Wallpaper Joonas by Maija Isola from 1961 and the head board called Juhla-raita by Fujiwo Ishimoto. This particular stripe design inspired me to fix our dining room chairs last weekend!


How about open fireplace next to the dining room table? This coziness is very Scandinavian since it gets so damned cold during the winters!
Talking about winter, how about this beautiful design called Lumimarja? I find it very calming, a little Asian inspired don't you think?
The patterns Dadel and Nonparelli. Colorful little clicks into any room right?
So, I hope you got a bit bitten by Finnish classics! Thank you Lise for having me, it's been an honor to guest post here!

Love&decorate, Tiina


Jane (aka the girl in the brick house) said...

I've always loved Marimekko design - even though I'm from NZ and live in Australia! I especially love the original flower design, Unikko plus the Lumimarja print - so serene. Can you get this in Oz?? Thanks Tiina

Carole said...

A lovely post. I'm more in love with scandinavian design than ever now. Particularly like that Keisarinna fabric - well, its pink isn't it:-)


Great post, Tiina! I think you know how much I love Marimekko. I posted that first photo last year and still love it just as much today. :)

Sarah said...

Great post! I LOVE Marimekko - there isn't a pattern I don't like - thanks for sharing!!

Urban Style Vibes said...

A lovely guest post Tiina! Thanks for sharing your ideas with my lovely readers!

Lise M @Guam

Charlotta Ward said...

Hej Tiina!
Wonderful Scandi post! Am a HUGE Marimekko fan and have several pieces from their collections. What I love the most are my oversized wall hangings - one a 'Red bull' hanging and the other a 'Birchtree'. I change these over in my upstairs hallway pending mood and season.

Loved our picture parade here.

x Charlotta


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