5 June 2010

Party preparations

My lovelies, do you enjoy your weekend? I certainly do. Today I will start the preparations for our Bubbles and Bites party which is planned on June 19, 2010. 

Here are my ideas so far:
1. Prepare a lovely dining table that rocks! In my search for some inspiration I found this lovely image @ Amy Atlas' blog I love the idea of 4 big baloons above the dining table. 
Q. Can I order these baloons somewhere online? 

2. Order some lovely fingerfood at our local restaurant. Last year we had a party and I was preparing food and drinks all night long. This year I want to enjoy the party myself so I think it is a good idea to order the food instead.

(image via Living)

3. Decorate the entrance, living and balcony with some baloons and flags.

(these are the lovely fiesta flags of Lama Design)

4. Order some good bottles of Bubbles:-)

Q. What else would you do to make this Bubbles & Bites night a party that rocks?

1 comment:

Carole said...

All your favourite tunes on the ipod? Showing my age but I love a party with eighties music! x


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