8 June 2010

City prints

As a real 'travelista' I just love these creative prints from the city of Paris and New York. I love the idea to have a wall with all the cities visited. These images are available in the lovely webshop of Jen Ramos
Made by Girl. At this moment Paris(image below) and New York (above) are already available in her lovely webshop.
Q. Jen: when will Tokyo, Moscow, Reykjavik, Cape Town,  Amsterdam and even Rotterdam (my home-town) be available? I would looooove to see them all:-) This is such a cute idea!

PS. I just received an e-mail from Jen in which she announced that the designers are working on some other city prints. Good news Jen and thanks for the update!

Q. Which city would you like to have included in this list?


graziela said...

I love your blog!


Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Graziela! I love comments, they always make me smile:-)

Urban Style Vibes said...

I just learned from Jen Ramos that they will soon add some new city designs.


Lise M.


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