18 June 2010

Sneak preview: IKEA Catalogue 2011

My sweeties, are you ready for the weekend? I bet you are! I'm still at work but I'm dreaming of this weekend. Tonight I will pick up my Danish friend from the airport. It's been a year since we met so we will have lots to talk about when she arrives. But before I go I would love to share some sneak peaks of the new IKEA 2011 collection. Here are my favourites so far.

Q. What are your favourite items for 2011? Click here for more inspiration.
Tomorrow we have our Bubbles & Bites party planned! We have ordered some delicious portugese food and some Champagne bubbles, we have an iPod full of good music so I guess we have all the ingredients together for a terrific party. Will tell you more about this party (including images) next week.

Have a spectacular weekend!!!!


fiona_apple said...

Hi, do you know whether the fruitbowl will be available in other colours, as well?
Greeetings from sunny Limburg,


Oh, ... ♥♥♥ ... love the fruitbowl AND the candleholder ... *LOL*

IKEA is right around the corner ... but 2011 ... oh, well ... :)))

Joy & Peace & Happiness,


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Way to go IKEA. The first image looks a lot like one of the photos from the Danish company RICE, don't you think?

Urban Style Vibes said...

@ Fiona: Unfortunately I don't know if this fruitbowl is available in other colors. Would be a great idea anyway.

@ Petra: Thanks for your sweet comment. You make me smile today!

@ Carole, you are so right! RICE is the more sophisticated IKEA I guess.

fiona_apple said...

Thanks for answering. I've already found the answer on COTE MAISON and it's YES, also in white. That is, only if I undestand "Existe aussi en blanc." right. :)


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