22 June 2010

Blue & White Inspiration

Now the summer is here I just can't get enough of the color turqoise. If you don't mind I take you on a trip to the Maldives today.
Set amidst sensational sandy beaches and lush tropical foliage, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa Maldives is a unique all-villa Maldives resort property located in a spacious, boutique-style environment. Accommodations include private ocean retreats and tropical tree house villas making it a premiere Maldives luxury resort, while a selection of fine-dining choices and innovative spa treatments have been carefully designed to stimulate the senses.
I just love the sophisticated styling with the turqoise accents, reflecting the azur blue sea in the interior.


Carole said...

Swoon. I'm really loving this place. Loving the new layout and the bigger pictures Lise. Hope you're week's going well. x

DecorArt.E said...

Create that coastal ambiance in your home with a nautical- themed decor. You can accessorize with signal flags, harbour lanterns, jellyfish, seahorses, dolphins, a wicker of seashells. A slight turquoise hue significantly enhances the ambiance.

Urban Style Vibes said...

@ Carole yes this home is a real beauty. Thanks!

@DecorArt.E Yes I just love this style, the bright turqoise is lovely especially if you can match it with the sea in front of your home:-)


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