28 June 2010

Casa Camper

Good Morning lovelies,  I'm an early bird today since the weather is so beautiful I decided to wake up early and enjoy as much of the day as possible. Today we travel to Berlin. Berlin is a vibrant and cultural city with even more lovely places than you can imagine. I posted earlier about lovely places in Berlin here. Today I would love to share a new find. Casa Camper is the new and affordable hotel from the Spanish Shoe Design Brand. The hotel is located in the popular Mitte area. This boutique hotel breaths simplicity and urban vibes. And the good thing is they also have a hotel in Barcelona if you change your travel mind;-)


Carole said...

So many places, so little time! Hope you had a good weekend Lise. Hope this weather lasts!

Urban Style Vibes said...

@ Carole: yes that saying is so true. I'm off to Brussels now but I'd love to go to Berlin, London, Paris, NYC, Sydney etc..... What will be your next destination?


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