15 January 2011


What a week my dear friends across the globe. I need to tell you something. I feel so honoured this week because I received 2 Stylish Blogger Awards this week. 1 from the love Carole from Dear Designers' Blog and one from Nathasja from Northern Light blog So can you imagine I'm over the moon!! I'm thrilled. I've started Urban Style Vibes* 1,5 year ago and with my first post not knowing where this would end up. But the daily blogging makes me so happy. I've met so many nice people across the globe and this blog is also an expression of what I feel and where I want to go. So again: thank you lovely ladies!!
The rules for accepting this award are as follows:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 tings about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

So, let's go 7 things about myself:
1. I'm a travel addict
You might have noticed on Urban Style Vibes* that I love to travel as much as I can. It can be a short weekend break or a big trip to the far East. It makes me so happy to see new place, meet new people and discover new cultures. I wish I could travel the rest of my life:-)
2. I love interior design
I can't get enough of home design. I love Scandinavian and Australian inspiration as you can see here on Urban Style Vibes*
3. I love blogging
Blogging means a lot to me. It gives me lots of inspiration and new ideas. Thank you so much for being a reader of Urban Style Vibes*
4. I can't live without my iPod
I use my iPod for my weekly running exercise. It's a great way to 'move' myself.
5. I will organize a 'Meet the bloggers' event in Stockholm and Amsterdam this year
I wish I could meet you all one day so that's why I will organize 2 meet the bloggers events this year. The first will be in Stockholm in the middle of the summer and the next will be in Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland. Would you like to join me? More information on these events will follow next week on Urban Style Vibes*. Are you interested in these events? Please let me know your thoughts.
The image below (yes it's me!) was made during Sail 2010 in Amsterdam.
6. I'd love to start my own business one day
I'd love to start my own business one day. I would love to be free as a bird to explore more and inspire others across the globe.
7. Last, but not least: I love my recently bought Hunter boots
I bought these gorgeous hunter boots in New York City two weeks ago and I love 'em! Especially in this winter weather.

And here is my list of 7 bloggers that I want to give the Stylish Blogger Award: 
1. Photographer and writer Elisabeth from Oslo shows images from various jobs she's done for interior magazines in Norway such as Elle Interior, Design Interior and Maison on Inspirational Spaces 

2. Another inspirational blog from Mia Linnman in Sweden Sweden is Solid Frog: It's all about interior design, art, architecture, fashion and other thinghs that makes life joyful. I also show some of my paintings from 2005 and forward.

3. Traveling to Brazil I found the lovely blog from Carmen Martin: Achados de Decoracao She offers you the best interior inspiration from Latin America and beyond.

4. Another inspirational travel and design blog is the Designer Pad. Based in New York City, Eduardo is a fashion designer with a keen eye on design and style.

5. I'm always inspired by the lovely blog from Caroline Schleiffers Lillelykke. Based in Rotterdam Lilly Lykke covers Scandianvian inspiration and lovely images. She also has a lovely webshop.

6. From Oz I love the blog from Jane, The girl in the brick house. She covers inspirational news and shows us the reconstruction of her lovely home.

7. Last but not least Lotta Agaton, this lovely designer from Sweden gives loads of stylish inspiration.

Congratulations!!! You all deserve the Stylish blogger award this week!!!

images: various sources


Carole said...

Wow Lise, two awards in one week. You so deserve it, congratulations. I like you're like's - we have quite a lot in common my friend. Definitely interested in one of your blogging events, it would be so nice to finally meet.
Have a lovely weekend. x

Wendy said...

congratulations!!! happy weekend!

Design Elements said...

congratulations! wonderful idea! perhaps I'll come to Amsterdam :-) Hug

ramona said...

Love what you're wearing in the photo, your smile however is what I love most.


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