8 January 2011


My dears! Finally we're back from the Big Apple and ready to share my New York finds with you. We were so lucky to land on JFK airport the day after X-Mas. There was so much snow that only 8 planes were able to land on JFK that day. Isn't that a miracle? Needless to say we had a wonderful time in this sparkling city. It was great to travel with my Mr. again and we lived life to the max in Manhattan. (Because life is too short...) Many blog friends asked me to give some tips and ideas where to go while in New York. So I thought it may be nice to pull together a quick guide of some of the hotspots I've visited while I was in New York last week...

Where to sleep...
We decided to sleep in the Pod Hotel on 51st street. The location is perfect BUT: On their website they show you an urban design hotel but in real it's far below that standard. At the entrance you will see some design but your room is simple and basic. I must admit that's not a problem but for $300,- a night you expect a little more. The service of the hotel is below my standards: no roomservice, no breakfast and the wifi connection in the rooms is very weak so you can't even check update my blog...
Where to eat...
New York has over 18.000 very good and affordable restaurants so it's impossible to mention them all. Here are some good ones that I visited:
i Trulli: The name reveals it already. This is true Italian food. We had a wonderful diner here. Their pastas and 'secondi's' are divine. In addition they have a great wine list.
Spice Market: In the meatpack district there are many good restaurants. This is one of them. 
Villa Pacri: Fine dining with Italian styling and decor
And for breakfast:
Le Pain Quotidien This Belgian Breadshop gives New York and extra good breakfast and lunchplace.

Later this week I will post an additional list with my shopping tips for NYC. I hope you will enjoy it!

images by Lise M. for Urban Style Vibes*


Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

Pauline said...

Good to know about the Pod Hotel. For that amount of money you would rather go to the Ace, Standard or Jane hotel (maybe pay a little bit extra). Nice report though! x

Tiina said...

thank you for great tips! I've been thinking about booking the Pod for next June but changed my mind and booked something really cheap since I know we just shower & sleep in the hotel. It's another story in 2 months when we go to Dubai... I've booked a lovely 5 star hotel for us :)

More tips please, shopping!?!



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