29 June 2011


Hello friends, how are you? How did you kicked of the new week? Have you been able to enjoy the summer in your part of the world? I hope you did. My week started with a big smile on my face after the successful Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam. More than 120 bloggers joined us and we had great fun. We are currently discussing future events in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm or...who knows? As soon as we have more information available we we will inform you!
My week was also special for another reason because I've decided to quit my current job in the corporate world and start my own business as a PR & Social Media Interim Manager. Besides that I will focus on the development of the Meet the Blogger concept and events and bring Urban Style Vibes* to the next level. To me this sounds as an ideal combination. Later this month/year I will share my new challenges along the way. This is also the reason how I came to todays inspiration. I will partly work from home in my new role and it would be great to have my own home office. If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know how much I struggle to get my own office ready. But what about the idea of a real OfficePod. The Officepod is a solo workspace with futuristic design. It can be place in your garden or next to your home, you name it. I think it's a great solution. No travel time, maximum office space and the ability to work in a quiet environment. I would love to pimp this design pod with some lovely decorations.


via OfficePod


LINDA from OEKE said...

Oh Lise .. I can't wait to hear all about your new working life AND all your plans. It sounds very exciting. Congratulations on the big step - and this office would be perfect wouldn't it. Stylish, compact and lots of glass to gaze out into the world while you think up new things (-:

Marian said...

Wow, good for you Lise. And the best of luck with the next step... what a good start last weekend was!

Tiina said...

Lise, this is so cool! I can't wait to hear about your plans!

I have similar plans myself, however not leaving my life-as-a-suit totally behind (just yet) but i'm working on my long time dream project to create my own home textile range. it's crazy much things to do but oh-so fun! would you like to have a look at my sketches? i'd love to hear opinions from my talented blogger friends (since my hubby-to-be is simply my biggest fan, his opinions do count but when it comes to design... let's hear it from reliable sources, right? ;)

please keep us updated on your progres!

xo, tiina

Urban Style Vibes* said...

@ Tiina Thanks Tiina!! I would love to see your home textile range. Please share it via e-mail or your blog! I'd love to review it as well here on the blog as soon as it is launched;-))

Talk soon!!

PS. How was your trip to the USA?

Carole said...

Just read your news Lise! Well done for chasing that dream. I'm sure your office will come together super quick now! xx


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