3 January 2012


Hello friends, today we go on a hunt to find a poshy penthouse in Stockholm. When I stumbled upon this place I was pretty surprised by the square meters and airy feeling. However this is a bit too much for me. What do you think? PS. Please note that these images are artist impressions via Skeppsholmen

via: Skeppsholmen


Charlotta Ward said...

Happy New Year to you!

Hope you had a lovely end to 2011 and that 2012 started well.

What a lovely penthouse. I can tell that the 'artist impression' was created by a male.. the bar gives it away..! :)
But the 'bones' are fantastic. What a dream to live there!

x Charlotta

rean said...

Happy new year!

It's great house nice design and unique.

Tiina of Elce Stockholm said...

wonderful place! just add more color and structure and it would totally rock!

happy new year!

xo, tiina


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