7 November 2010


Oh my sweet bloggerfriends. I need to share this with you. This is the lovely apartment from Rupert Landendinger in Copenhagen. Do you remember my post about the lovely home of Danish fashion deisgner Malene Birger? This is her husband. He is a Brand and Product director for Malene's company. And if you take a close look, you can see similarities in both interiors. By the way, both apartments are located in Copenhagen. What a treat!

I love all the frameworks and the use of serene colours combined with black.

Big grey tiles in the kitchen. Stunning!

A wooden hallway is just a beauty itself!

via: Skona Hem

1 comment:

Tiina said...

what a luxury to have two beautiful homes! my friends have their own livingrooms but a baby on her way, they need to move if they wish to keep it like that. me and my love also had two homes, not quite like the ones here... lovely day Lise!


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