21 February 2011


Happy Monday Friends! I'm glad to be back here after a long weekend. First of all I'd like to thank you all with a bunch of virtual tulips today. You are all so lovely and I saw many bloggers who promoted the 'Meet the Blogger' event on their own blog. I also found two additional product sponsor and a another speaker last weekend so the program is almost ready to present to all of you. It's amazing how much power we have when we virtually work together. So you really deserve these tulips today!!! I bought these tulips this week and for me this is the perfect start of spring. All these lovely new flowers give me a boost. Do you know that feeling?

PS. These tulips are also for my mother (who is in Spain at this moment..) because it's her birthday today! Congratulations mum!!!

Secondly I was pretty surprised last week when I received a Twitter message from the Yumeko eco shop:
"Congratulations you are the winner of the Valentine's promotion. You win an eco-bedlinnen set"

You can imagine that was a big surprise for me! And guess what the package already arrive the other day:
A personal letter and a little bag with lavender and a wooden heart accomplished the package
The bedlinnen is packed in a lovely white bag

Next week I will show this bedlinen on my bed and tell you more about the experience

image: Lise M. for Urban Style Vibes*

1 comment:

Marcela said...

Awww, congrats on this win! They look lovely from here, looking forward to see the pics!

I bought my first tulips this weekend too and it really is a boost looking at them. Knowing the spring aint far anymore :)

Have a lovely week!



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