15 September 2010


My friends! It's travel time today? In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I'm big fan of Latin America. And the good news is, my next trip after Malaga (mid October) will go to that wonderful continent. I'm not sure which countries we will hit but there is a big chance that we stop by her in Tcherassi Hotel and Spa. This hotel is the culmination of a vision from designer Silvia Tcherassi. One of South America's most influential fashionistas. She always wanted to bring her unique style to the hotel industry and here you go, the result is a four story converted colonial mansion. The central coutryard is the center of action but Tcherassi introduced her own spin: a giant, living wall of more than 3000 plants above the pool. Another perfect pool can be found on the rooftop hotel deck, with daybeds and panoramic views of the city and Caribean Sea.

Q. What do you think of this place?

via Jetsetter.com


Tina said...

What a beautiful, modern place.
The brick wall is fantastic as well as the last pic. Fab. pics!

Punto Reves said...

I love it!. They managed to maintain the character of an old colonial home and make light, airy and contemporary... I think we need something just like it here in Puerto Rico!!!!!!!

Phuong said...


Wendy said...

i like the natural elements...


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