9 September 2010


My dear friends, are you ready for a trip to Norway? These new holiday homes on the small island of Stokkoya fulfill a modernist dream. The island is located in the middle of the countryside and has risen in popularity due to a set of concrete and glass subterranean apartments which mix comfort and raw industrial style. This is such a gorgeous place. It has one of the finest sandy beaches in Central Norway. Most of the surrounding is still untouched. Wild sheep graze on ancient fields and eagles can be seen gliding across the sky. I would love to go here as soon as possible:-)

 Q. What do you think of this place?

images: Wallpaper, Stokkoya


TamStyles said...

these spaces are lovely..the title time travel had me thinking that maybe something was out there that i wasnt aware of.

Urban Style Vibes said...

@ Tam, yes this is such a great place!


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