17 October 2010


My sweethearts, how are you today? I'll be off by the end of next week for a travel break to Malaga! Later this week I will tell you more about my travel plans for the coming weeks. Would you like to do a guest post on Urban Style Vibes* next week? Please send me an e-mail @ urbanstylevibes at hotmail dot com. or leave a comment below. Thank you so much!!!


Flourishing Networks said...

oh yes - that is a beautiful table......great colours..

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello - I love how much you travel. I actually don't know what you do. I can't believe that I don't actually.. Please fill me in.

Re guest posts. If you need someone new and fresh, there is a lovely girl called Tina. She blogs over at 'Komma Hem' - http://komma-hem.blogspot.com/

Say 'hi' and tell her I sent you. She'll do a lovely post and will really appreciate being asked.

xx Charlotta

Urban Style Vibes said...

@ Charlotta: Thanks for the tip! I will leave her a note! It would be great to have new guest posts from all over the world again. So much fun!!


Lise M.

Candie said...

Good stuff here! I like hearing your perspective on things.


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